Meaghan Buisson connects with courage. 


As a member of the Canadian inline speeds skating national team, Meaghan was the first Canadian to compete professionally on the World Inline Cup Circuit. She is a 47-time Canadian national champion, a 16-time Canadian record holder, 11-time international medallist, and the current world record holder in the solo marathon time trial.  


Her athletic accomplishments hid her sexual abuse as a young athlete. Meaghan coped by channeling her pain into skating. A serious injury ended her career and sparked an agonizing downward spiral in the medical system. Overmedicated and  misdiagnosed, Meaghan’s ability to function deteriorated. She exhausted medical options yet failed to recover, struggling with homelessness and further abuse.  


After 15 years of psychiatric treatment, Meaghan left it all behind. Realizing drugs and diagnoses wasn’t her solution, she spoke out against perpetrators and found a different path. Over time, her life expanded to reflect her strengths.  


Now a world-class guide, mentor and speaker, Meaghan is passionate about supporting others’ journeys of discovery through wild spaces and medical realms. 

In the wild, Meaghan guides for Outward Bound Canada, Black Feather Adventure Company and Island Alpine Guides. She is a Leave-No-Trace Master Educator; and an outdoor experiential instructor at several Pacific Northwest schools. 


Through mentorship, Meaghan teaches self-advocacy in health care. She provides resources, supports psychiatric harm reduction and offers guidance in finding one’s path. She is a featured contributor to the popular science, psychiatry and social justice webzine, Mad In America. 


As a speaker, Meaghan weaves multi-faceted expertise and meticulous research with unforgettable stories. After studying veterinary medicine, she completed a degree in Life Sciences with a research capstone examining the evidence base and use of psychiatric drugs. Spanning conventional medicine, critical psychiatry and contemporary psychedelic research, her perspective on mental health care is nuanced and well informed. 


She is unwavering in her belief that ethical mental health care demands evidenced-based research, unbiased reporting and individual empowerment through meaningful connections and support.  


Meaghan is a recipient of the Province of Manitoba’s Order of Sport Excellence and the Alpine Club of Canada’s Karl Nagy Memorial Award.  She is the founder and past Executive Director of an award-winning national charity focused on youth mental health. She is biographied in The Ten Most Inspiring Canadians. 

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