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"When you're standing on one mountain and you want to reach the next, there's only one way: Through the valley between the peaks.” 

Meaghan Buisson understands that everyone faces their own mountains to climb, with obstacles that may at first seem insurmountable.

Meaghan on a mountain top

A member of the Canadian inline speed skating national team (2000-2012), she was the first Canadian to compete professionally on the inline World Cup Circuit. She is a 47-time National champion, a 16-time Canadian record holder, 11-time international medalist; and the current world recorder in the solo marathon time trial.


Her athletic accomplishments hid a history of sexual abuse as a young athlete. Meaghan coped by channelling her pain into performance. Injuries ended her career and sparked an agonizing downward spiral. Misdiagnosed and overmedicated, her ability to function deteriorated. She became homeless; struggling with addiction and devastating medical harms. She sought healing in a Health Canada clinical trial, but was horrifically abused.

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After 15 years of ineffective psychiatric treatment, Meaghan left it all behind. Realizing drugs and diagnoses weren’t her solution, she started speaking out against perpetrators, connected with others who shared similar experiences, and found a different path. Over time, her life expanded to reflect her passions.

In wild spaces and medical realms, Meaghan Buisson helps people navigate their best way forwards with solid skills, courage and strength. 

Meaghan Buisson inline skating race
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A professional wilderness guide, Meaghan facilitates transformative journeys of discovery through remote mountain and coastal terrain. A lead instructor for Outward Bound Canada, she guides multi-week expeditions for adults and youth, and trains new instructors. Meaghan leads hiking trips and teaches both survival and navigational skills courses for Island Alpine Guides on Vancouver Island. She is a Wilderness Medicine Instructor in training with Raven Rescue, and is an active member of the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association. Meaghan is a Leave-No-Trace Master Educator and teachers outdoor education at several Pacific Northwest schools. Her online and in-person workshops help women gain the confidence and competency to successfully plan and pursue backcountry adventures.

A mental health speaker, writer, educator and activist, Meaghan combines professional expertise, research skill and personal anecdotes. Trained in veterinary medicine, she returned to school to complete a degree in Biological and Life Sciences. Her research capstone challenged the evidence base and frontline use of psychiatric drugs. Spanning conventional medicine, critical psychiatry and contemporary psychedelics, Meaghan's perspectives on mental health care are nuanced and well informed. Meaghan is internationally engaged in efforts to address research and ethical concerns in psychedelic clinical drug trials and psychotherapeutic realms.

Meaghan is a Member of the Province of Manitoba’s Order of Sport Excellence and the recipient of the Alpine Club of Canada’s Karl Nagy Memorial Award. She is the founder and past Executive Director of an award-winning national charity focused on youth mental health. Meaghan’s work has been featured by Quartz Magazine, New York Magazine, CBC, CTV, ABC and other media outlets. She is biographied in "The Ten Most Inspiring Canadians”.