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"A word after a word after a word is power."

- Margaret Atwood

Meaghan’s experiences have been covered by various national and international media outlets,

including CBC, ABC and CTV networks, Qz Magazine, New York Magazine and others:

Cover Story: Power Trip

NYM Cover Story.png

Cover Story: Power Trip is an investigative podcast by New York Magazine. The series uncovers secrets and exposes the darkest corners of the psychedelic renaissance.


The experiences of MAPS clinical trial whistleblowers are featured in episodes six and seven.


Power Trip is a co-production of New York Magazine and Psymposia. For a deep dive into the material covered in each episode of "Power Trip", please check out Psymposia's concurrent weekly podcast, "Power Tripping".


 Caution:  The video is extremely disturbing. It was released in response to MAPS' public statement that study records "did not indicate signs of ethical violation." Please use discretion if you choose to watch.


Academia Publications:


A note about the realities of this all...

Personally and professionally, I care a lot about keeping people safe. So I spoke out. This thrust me into a public role I never imagined nor wanted. Over these years, I've honed strong compartmentalization skills. They are essential to navigating the harms done to me amid the concurrent re-traumatization of media exposure. Increasingly, I don't engage with the latter. My life is bigger, still.  

Here's what you may expect, if and when we meet:

If you are journalist:  I will not reply unless you a) are endorsed by a fellow member of The Complainers Group, and b) can provide a deeply compelling reason for me to even consider doing so. "Because I am writing a book" is not a compelling reason.

If you are looking for a guide:  Any time I take you, your partner, child or friend out, my focus is 100 per cent on your safety, well-being and enjoyment. Our day is about you! We have way better things to see and do than talk about clinical drug trials. 

If you are a past guest or student: Due to its inherent power dynamic, our relationship will only ever be professional. I will never "friend" you after a trip. If we met through Outward Bound, I strictly adhere to a national policy stating any correspondence with students or guardians goes through head office. If you wish to reach me, please contact OBC directly.

If you're an acquaintance: It's okay to say what you know, so we'll know that we all know, and then no one needs to be weird about it. No, we don't need to talk about it. Let's just go for a run. It really does help.

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