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“What saves a (wo)man is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step but you still must take it.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

One-to-One Sessions

Supporting individuals on their journeys.


Coaching Services

Athletic and nutritional coaching for physical and mental performance.


Navigating the Storm  


I offer proven strategies, resources and advocacy; helping clients, their families and supporters better understand and navigate the complex mental health challenges surrounding post-concussion syndrome and/or PTSD.


Psych Harm-Reduction and Support

I assist individuals considering or preparing for psychedelic experiences or coming off psychiatric drugs. Work focuses on clarifying intent; ensuring self- and situational safety; and ensuring support.


ReSTORYing the Soul

The ability to abandon old stories and to craft new one is at the heart of post-traumatic growth. I help craft personal narratives beyond trauma and “mental illness” and offer editing for individuals looking to write their personal stories or return to the workforce following extended leaves.


“It seems so insufficient just to say thank you. You have helped me understand many of [my daughter‘s] behaviours and helped me think about my responses to her.  You have also given me the best information for help that I have found so far.”

– Vivian D

"Her knowledge is awesome, and makes me want to learn more! She’s so in tune with what's going on around her. She makes people instantly comfortable and it's so easy to talk to her."

- Jackie M

“LOVE THIS! Your student resources are fantastic. Your worksheets are great - I think I may use them myself!”

- Kristin M

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