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Compelling and insightful, Meaghan Buisson takes audiences on inspiring journeys of discovery. In wild spaces and medical realms, she shares hard-earned knowledge and practical solutions.  

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Meaghan Buisson is a wilderness guide, educator, researcher and author. She helps people find their way in challenging spaces. Meaghan works as a guide in remote mountain and coastal regions; and as an educator/activist in mental health realms.

Meaghan’s interest in mental health came after a traumatic event resulted in misdiagnoses that nearly ended her life. A national team athlete completing a challenging medical program, she lost her ability to function and became homeless.  A speeding ticket–on skates–changed her life. Offered a chance to compete overseas, Meaghan won her first international race on a solo break-away and was signed to the World Cup. Over the next decade, Meaghan won 47 National Champion titles, shattered sixteen Canadian records,  medaled at 11 international events,  and broke the World Record in the solo marathon time trial.


Returning to school, Meaghan completed her degree with a research capstone examining clinical drug trial research, marketing and its impact on psychiatric drugs. She founded an award-winning national charity focused on youth mental health, then found her passion as a wilderness guide and youth worker.  

Meaghan’s life took an unexpected detour into psychedelics when a traumatic event led her into the MAPS Phase 2 trial of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD. Her experiences taught her about the risks and potential of psychedelics, and thrust her into advocacy. She became part of an international cohort advocating for better research and ethical standards.

Trained in biological medicine, aligned with critical psychiatry and fluent in contemporary psychedelic research, Meaghan’s knowledge of the changing field of mental health care is nuanced and well-informed. From breaking world records to holding corporations to account, she offers a lifetime of strategies helping audience members face whatever mountains are in their way and, to quote Shane Koyczan, “do what you're going to do about it.” Intelligent, articulate and inspiring, her compelling message of triumph over adversity resonates with audiences long after her talks end. 

Meaghan has been featured by CBC, ABC and CTV networks, Qz magazine, New York Magazine and others.


Bird soaring


Adventure of a


Whether summiting a mountain or meeting in a board room, effective leadership is key. This dynamic presentation helps audience member develop tools to achieve personal and workplace success.



With humbling, heart-warming, and occasionally heart-breaking, stories from the field, Meaghan highlights the skills and strengths required for effective teamwork, communication, leadership, and risk management. She makes guiding as relevant to success in everyday life as it remains for wilderness expeditions.

cloudy skies over water

Mental Health

Contesting the

Chemical Cure

In this straight-talking yet empathetic presentation about psychiatric drugs and diagnoses, Meaghan challenges societal norms and helps audience members advocate for better outcomes.


Meaghan shares her personal journey into and out of the mental health system; the effects of psychiatric diagnoses and medications; taking and coming off psychiatric drugs; the benefits and risks of burgeoning psychedelic therapies; how to critically evaluate research to make informed decisions, and more. 

meaghan buisson leaping through mountains


Taking the

Next Step

When life shatters, where do you even start to pick up the pieces? In this presentation, Meaghan shares hard-earned truths honed by the many obstacles she has faced and overcome in life and sport.


Authentic and approachable, she encourages her audiences to embrace challenge, accept change, and continue to pursue their dreams. Meaghan inspires us all that we can not only overcome obstacles, but turn them in to creating one’s path, step by step, to a life of passion, contribution and meaning.

Contact Me

Meaghan has been public speaking for many years and can easily customize one of her existing messages to fit your event or project theme. 

Life is not a process of recovery. It is a journey of discovery.

Meaghan Buisson


"Incredibly powerful, extremely likeable, one of the most hyper-intelligent people I know.”

Dr. Gabor Maté / Physician & Best-Selling Author

“You have made significant contributions to the work and to this field. This generation of academic knowledge [regarding research and ethics concerns in psychedelic drug clinical trials] is happening because you fundamentally found the ball and kicked it into motion.” 

Dr. Lily Kay Ross, M Div, PhD / Sexual Violence & Psychedelic Researcher

“It seems so insufficient just to say thank you.  You have helped me in so many ways.  You have helped me understand my daughter’s behaviors and helped me think about my responses to her.  You have also given me the best information for help that I have found so far.”

Vivian S. / Parent

“I was very impressed with your presence and the high quality of your presentation. It was professional, straightforward and well thought out.”

John Monroe / Olympic & National Team Speed Skating Coach 

“[Meaghan] offers an invaluable service to our youth, their parents, and school educators.  As the number of young teenagers with eating disorders and self-harm issues rise, it is critical that we provide our school community with accurate information and a forum to discuss this growing problem... [she] enriches our community, enhances our classrooms, and positively impacts the lives of our students, families, and teachers.”

Brian Jackson / Saskatoon Public School Division Teacher

"Best speaker of the day. Meaghan was passionate, articulate, inspiring… it was unforgettable." 

Will Hall, PhD(c) / Psychotherapist


  • International Network for Treatment Alternatives for Recovery

  • Canadian Mental Health Association

  • SaskTel

  • W. Brett Wilson Garden Party

  • Stikeman Elliott LLP

  • Karo Group

  • Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum

  • Alberta Lung Association

  • Saskatchewan Winter Games

  • Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Center International Roundtable on Treatment Innovation for Recovery​

  • Independent Insurance Brokers of Alberta

  • Saskatchewan Home Builders’ Association

  • It’s About Childhood & Family, Inc.

  • Human Services & Justice Coordinating Committee of Ontario

  • The Leadership Project

  • Over 200 community and school presentations

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